Visuals@Work™ Clients & Testimonials

Client List

Some of the industries we have worked with include:
- Small Business
- Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
- Not For Profit
- First Nations/Aboriginal Groups
- Government
- Financial
- Insurance
- Information Technology

Visuals@Work for Life Individual Coaching Clientele Include:
- Insurance Company Manager
- Healthcare CEO
- Non-Profit Leader
- Project Manager
- Hotel Manager
- Medical Sales Representative
- Entrepreneurs
- Many people in career transitions


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Stephanie Garrett

Executive Director, Women's Resource Centre at University of Calgary

Having taken part in a variety of strategic planning sessions throughout my career, I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Michele Anderson of Visuals@Work™ as she brought outstanding originality and creativity to her time with us. Michele provided top quality customized support to meet our organizational needs at a time of real transition. She prepared beyond what I have experienced with other management consultants and went beyond the call of duty to provide additional tools and research to us after the strategic planning session was over. Michele came prepared with creative visual charts that allowed us to map our progress as an organization and interact as a team in visioning our future. I highly recommend Michele and Visuals@Work™ for any organization in transition or seeking an opportunity to anchor itself firmly in its mission and vision. Michele works with integrity and authenticity to provide only the best quality guidance and support to her clients." Service Category: Business Consultant Year first hired: 2009 Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative.

Manshinder Madani


If you are looking for a facilitator to inject life back into your organization and/or meetings, Visuals@Work™ is the right choice for you. Working with Michele Anderson in our graduate program, I quickly realized that she is an innovative and insightful leader who values diversity and respectful interactions. Further to this, she has the creativity and facilitative methods to lead projects and achieve invaluable results.

Heather Gardiner

CEO United Way of Central Alberta

United Way engaged Michele Anderson from Visuals@Work™ to facilitate our Board retreat. Michele received briefings on our history and the desired retreat goals, from which she crafted an energetic agenda. Throughout the day, Michelle coached our group through a journey of discovery. By day’s end, volunteers had clearly identified and celebrated our recent achievements, and created a visually inspiring roadmap of desired future outcomes and milestones. The session was well-orchestrated and engaged all members in a collaborative dialogue. The great news is - we are actively using the outcomes from this session to drive forward key initiatives. Thank you, Michele, for helping us move so far in one day!

Marie-Anne Alward

Regional Claims Manager, British Columbia

The graphic coaching session done by Michele Anderson was an insightful and engaging process for me. At a career crossroads with a new opportunity on the horizon, I was having difficulty letting go of my current position. I had done my ‘pros & cons’ lists and had been thorough in comparing all aspects of both positions. In a two hour session, Michele drew a wall chart that visually represented the two choices. Hesitant at first, I became energized and was able to quickly pinpoint the critical issues.

The process was unique in that Michele spoke very little, focusing her attention on the wall chart in front of her. I was impressed at her ability to zero in on core values and ‘hot buttons’ as she listened. Seeing the chart come to life in front of me triggered more ideas and allowed me to identify obstacles and faulty assumptions that had been holding me back. By the end of the session, I was confident that I had come to the right decision and was ready to take on a new challenge. Over the next two weeks, I kept the wall chart in my living room at home, a tangible record of the decision process.

I found the graphic coaching an effective method for me, as I am a visual thinker. It is both a creative and methodical approach and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Thank you, Michele.

Christine Packolyk

Graphic Coaching Client

My experience in doing the visual coaching session proved not only to be beneficial from a practical standpoint but also enlightening on a personal level. This exercise allowed me to stand back from my busy life and assess all the different aspects of it. In doing so I was able to see where the imbalances were. It was like viewing a detailed report on myself, but all on one big paper in bright colors and symbols! This method made it easy to see which areas of my life needed my attention the most. On a personal level this process allowed me to appreciate the things I have achieved in my life. As one whose personal expectations often tend to be set just out of reach I left the session feeling encouraged and proud of myself. I am more mindful now to celebrate my accomplishments. Overall, working with Michele Anderson, one-on-one, was a fun and enjoyable process. I would recommend this exercise to anyone who is looking to make their life and/or business more effective…in essence, creating what you want.

Stephanie Wilson

London, U.K.

Michele did a terrific job graphically facilitating a knowledge transfer workshop for the Marketing & Communications department at my organization, the fundraising arm of a leading Canadian hospital.

It was very apparent that Michele had taken a great deal of time to get to know the background of our Foundation and her animated style of facilitation was perfect for a room of creative marketers. As the staff member that was leaving the organization, what I found particularly beneficial was that the workshop provided an open forum to share my insights on how work processes could change, what my replacement should look out for and what future developments they should take into account when stepping into my shoes.

Michele's enthusiasm is infectious and when combined with a snappy, new approach to facilitation and her innate knowledge of the healthcare industry, we walked away with relevant ideas for implementing next steps. Thank you!

Roberta Quilico

Visual Coaching Client

I am so thankful to have experienced the Visual Coaching Session “Focus on Me” with Michele Anderson. I am a highly creative-minded individual who tends to be perceived as stoic, yet in a one on one interaction with Michele I felt comfortable exposing my hopes, fears, dreams and goals.

With her attention fully fixed on me, she mapped out my past, present and future like an intuitive topographer of life using the information she acquired from me over the course of the session.

Having recently gone through a multitude of life altering experiences in six short months, I was feeling overwhelmed by my current position in relation to my desired destinations. Michele’s session was the axis upon which I was able to successfully transition from ‘life raft’ to ‘ship’s captain’.

When I gaze at the massive, colorful map of my life that was created during the process, it is a joy to observe all of the objectives that I’ve achieved in the 3 short months since our session. At the time, the revelations were obvious. But for me, Michele’s Visual Coaching Session was more than just a process of self-discovery; it was about being moved to action through reclassifying my mountains as the molehills they really are, and seeing my accomplishment as the mountains I’ve climbed.

I no longer feel immobilized by the series of events in my life. I am now armed with the affirmations of what I have achieved thus far, and am successfully removing the self-imposed road blocks to progress in a forward motion towards achieving my life’s goals.

In being somewhat of a perfectionist, Michele helped me to see that in a time of crisis I tend to continue to allocate my energy to the areas that are running smoothly in my life, because perfection can be easily achieved, however, actual progress does not occur. Through Michele’s compassionate focus, I was able to let go of the things going well in my life and earmark my energy for the areas that most needed my attention. In doing so, I am transcending my perceived obstacles without becoming overwhelmed.

I no longer feel marooned on an island of dreams in an ocean of adversity, but feel invincible optimism and confidence in achieving my ambitious objectives. Without having experienced the Visual Coaching Session, I am certain that my progress would have remained stunted for months if not years. I would recommend the Visual Coaching Session for even the most confident and focused individuals who wish to expedite their journey.

Bart Rowland

Alberta E911 Advisory Association

Michele provided to our association a very dynamic, interactive presentation at our annual general meeting on change and managing it. This presentation was very helpful in providing insight that would assist our association and our individual member's organizations. I look forward to working with her again on a longer term and seeing the results of our work together.

Jasmine Jackman

Peel District School District

I was delighted to have Michele Anderson of Visuals@Work come in and put together an original program for our students during Education Week 2010. The theme this year was Smile Together. I was looking for a workshop that could highlight this aspect in some way. Michele was very thorough in her preparation. She consulted with me several times prior to the workshop getting information on students, goals, structure, setting, etc. She decided that a team building workshop would work well. I was very moved to see the students gravitate to collaborative strategies and working as team without being instructed, but rather through Michele’s well-orchestrated hands-on creative, learning-through-play format. The students were fully engaged for the entire session which is quite a feat in itself when you are dealing with multiple learning styles and various levels of attentiveness. She easily adapted her workshops to meet the diverse needs of the students. None of the three workshops were exactly alike. Her agenda (which was a 3 by 8 foot colour pictorial timeline of the day’s activities) mesmerized the students from the beginning. If you are looking to spice things up a bit and fully engage your participants in a cooperative team building approach using a skilled facilitator, look no further. Thanks Michele, for helping our students to understand the importance of being able to work together cooperatively. I’m looking forward to round two!

Jocelyn Kelln

Program Coordinator at Women's Resource Centre, University of Calgary

Michele and Visuals@Work really helped us at the Women's Resource Centre to understand our challenges, crystallize our vision and develop a workable framework for action. I was blown away by her creative visual approach to strategic planning; she arrived with a good understanding of our organization and her customized wall charts were amazing aids in the entire process. I would be thrilled to work with Michele again in the future!