Visuals@Work™ What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

We work with each client to provide custom-tailored meetings, workshops, presentations and support in two main areas:

Visuals@Work for Work
Visuals@Work for Life

What Makes Us Different

Visuals@Work™ for Work
Our methods and processes are based on extensive research into visual communication, organizational development and group interactions. We use visually-assisted communication (the optimal combination of visuals, text and verbal interactions) to facilitate engagements that really work.

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From boring meetings like this...
…. to engaging, interactive and meaningful meetings facilitated byVisuals@Work

meetings why we are different

Go from using a list-style agenda (or no agenda at all) to a visual agenda like this:


shorten meeting time

Researchers Bresciani & Eppler (2009) found that visualization-supported management teams greatly outperformed those working without visualization:

  • - Productivity (quantity of information shared) was 26% higher with visualization.
  • - Variety of information shared was 4 times as high with visualization.
  • - Recall was 45% higher with visualization. That means that managers recalled almost twice as much from the meetings that were facilitated through visualization than their colleagues who only worked with flipcharts.

OurVisuals@Work for Life program follows the SHIFT-IT® Visual coaching process with which we have been professionally certified. See for yourself how we can help improve your personal and professional performance! Click here for more.