Visuals@Work™ What We Do

What We Do

We help organizations and individuals work with visual thinking techniques and processes to improve the quality of group interactions. We are experts in the design and application of visual methods for strategic planning, project management, team development, knowledge transfer and creative engagement.

As visual facilitators, we can help you and your organization work with visual approaches to better:

- Prepare
- Plan
- Design
- Facilitate
- Document
- Follow-up
Visual Facilitators


Who We Work With:
Team Leads, Middle Managers, Senior Management, and Individuals

We work alongside leaders of organizations—corporate, government, and non-profit—who want to truly capitalize on the use of visual communication processes to engage, connect and energize. As Team Leaders, Middle Managers or Senior Professionals, we understand you lead busy working lives. It’s important that you get the most out of every collaborative process, whether it’s with your direct or indirect reports or external audiences. Our visual thinking techniques will help you to engage others, improve meeting efficiency, and stand out as a leader in your organization.

Advisory Services
Are you interested in helping your team and organization work smarter and achieve more? Are you willing to try new ways of engaging your group so that your meetings, projects and planning sessions are more meaningful and effective?

Our advisory services include:
- Visual Thinking Process Consulting – for all kinds of organizations
- Customized Visual Thinking Process Training
- Professional and Personal Coaching – using the SHIFT-IT® visual approach

At Visuals@Work we understand business principles, communication, leadership, and how groups function. We are passionate about helping individuals and groups work together—using visually-facilitated processes—to achieve innovative and creative outcomes.

Working with Visuals@Work, leaders and managers can:
- Eliminate “boring meeting syndrome”
- Re-energize and motivate a team, project, or work group
- Transfer knowledge more effectively
- More clearly communicate
- Make better decisions

Visuals@Work See for yourself how Visuals@Work can improve your personal and organizational performance!