Visuals@Work™ Business Jam Sessions

Business Jam Sessions

Visuals@Work™ business jam sessions are fast-paced introductions to visual thinking in the workplace. They can be custom-tailored to your work group and last from 90 minutes to three hours depending on the subject. Check out the types of business jams we offer for: Strategic Planning, Leadership and Management, Knowledge Sharing, Personal and Professional Development, and Marketing & Sales.

What happens at a Business Jam?

It's an interactive knowledge-sharing event with lively conversations, practical skills transfer, and real-life perspectives. Each business jam session offers participants the opportunity to experiment using visual techniques, methods, and processes. You can't help but leave the jam session with lots of ideas about how to put visual thinking into action back in your workplace.


Five Reasons to Attend This Fast-Paced, Hands-on Session

1. Find out why you should use more visual techniques in your workplace.

2. Get a sneak peak at what you can achieve when you actively engage in visually-assisted communication.

3. Participation in a business jam is a risk-free way to try the techniques yourself so that you can learn how you can easily apply them in your own organization.

4. Be inspired to think about when you can use visuals at work in all kinds of situations.

5. Discover practical tips and key insights into where visual techniques work best.