Visuals@Work™ Meeting Facilitation

Visual Facilitation Meetings

Reinvent Collaboration with Visual Tools, Methods and Processes

- Increase focus and engagement
- Improve knowledge sharing
- Improve decision making
- Enhance productivity
- Increase idea-generation and insights
- Make complex issues clearer
- Achieve better results and outcomes

reduce meeting time

Engagement and Energy

We help to create environments for seeing and sharing information and knowledge -- to improve performance, collaborate more effectively and better serve customers.

Panoramic Visuals

We know that people obtain over 80% of their information from visual sources. Participants can SEE what they have heard, which encourages participation. All of the information is visible, so it is much easier to understand the relationships between different elements. The group can also see the big picture, including next steps required.

As visual practitioners, we weave a graphic component into our work. We literally draw information out of people, functioning as facilitators and scribes to get the wisdom of groups into a tangible form. Some of us use visual presentations to "push" information to people. Others use a "pull" approach, gathering the information that is pulled out of people, into graphic displays or renderings. Whatever approach is used, the artifacts that are created have a very graphic or visual nature.

Christina Merkley