Visuals@Work™ Facilitation


It’s impossible to be in the workplace these days and not attend meetings – staff meetings, project meetings, task force meetings, strategic planning meetings… the list can go on and on.

Effective meetings happen when attention has been paid to the process and when they are skillfully facilitated. Step beyond the services of a regular facilitator and try using a visual approach to creative engagement. Using visual facilitation, teams collaborate better, engage more fully and are prepared to take more decisive action.

Client Needs Drawing
Visuals@Work in action Facilitation

The visual approach to facilitation works to:

  • - Save time, money and resources
  • - Enhance recall and memory retention
  • - Clarify commitments and accountabilities
  • - Improve productivity
  • - Expand learning, participation and creativity
  • - Build a visual record that clearly demonstrates the relationships between elements and highlights overlaps or gaps
  • - Improve the quality of decisions

Michele will:

  • - Co-design the agenda, process and activities that will be used;
    Co-design Agenda
  • - facilitate the meeting using a visual process;
  • - keep a finger on the pulse of the meeting and recognize when to explore discussions further or move on;
  • - construct visual notes that reflect the ideas and contributions of attendees;
    Visual Notes
  • - follow up after the session with insights and lessons learned;
  • - provide a knowledge transfer report and pdf’s of the meeting’s visual wall charts;

Think of Using Facilitation For:

  • - Strategic planning
  • - Vision, mission and values discussions
  • - Staff on-boarding programs
  • - Team-building
  • - Idea generation
  • - Committee, board and executive retreats

Contact us to discuss how our interactive visual processes can make your planning sessions, meetings and conferences more meaningful, engaging, and effective.